Teaching Landscape Photography

Taking a good landscape photo is one thing, teaching someone how to do it is a totally different ballgame. 

Hougaard has been teaching landscape photography since 2009 and his students have won several national and international salons and competitions with their landscape photos. 

We have a curriculum that breaks landscape photography into a set of disciplines that include the hard to define subjects like understanding light and travelling efficiently.

Everything taught is backed up by a 250-page book on landscape photography as well as cheat sheets that summarise the core of each subject and provide editing recipes. 

Join Our Online Community

We try to motivate and inspire our tour and workshop participants never to put their cameras down when life gets in the way. Landscape photography is hard work and keeping at it is essential to getting those incredible images. We offer a great support network via an invite-only facebook community, local meetups, regular outings and free workshops. 

You will have a vast audience of highly informed people to provide constructive criticism on your photos - one of the most crucial stepping stones to improving your abilities. 

Tap into a deep pool of knowledge on all relevant subjects like gear, editing and locations. Want to know something? Just ask the group. 

Find safety in numbers when you go shooting by finding shooting buddies amongst the community.

Discover new locations with people who already know the ins and outs.  


This is the subject that we spend the most time on. We break it down to fundamentals and use SA's landscapes as powerful visual examples to illustrate the most important lessons. 

The Basics

Our teaching approach establishes the right technical foundation for beginners and fixes misunderstandings with people who have been taught incorrectly.

Understanding Light

We teach students how to identify good light using cloud-level data in weather forecasts. You will learn how to use an Ephemeris and how season and shooting angle influence difficult exposure decisions. 

Working with a Goal

We will teach you how to prioritise your energy and cognitive resources to systematically capture your bucketlist images, instead of a chaotic approach that produces a ton of mediocre images. 


GAS (gear acquisition syndrome) is the greatest obstacle to people's progress in photography and the solution is being educated about the right equipment as early as possible so that you buy the right equipment from day 1. This frees you from worrying about better equipment and allows you to focus your undivided attention on your photos.


The biggest misconception about landscape photos is people think they are made behind the computer. We will get you out in nature and show you that when you do things correctly behind the camera, the editing is simple and easy. 


Some locations are very easy to get to, but many locations involve some special knowledge to get there and get there on time. 
We know all of those insider secrets and we happily share it with our customers. 

Image - Mariepskop, Mpumalanga

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Take it Home

Everything we cover during our courses is provided as a professionally designed PDF along with summarised cheat-sheets and editing recipes.