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We are a collective of landscape photographers who offer educational courses, workshops and tours designed around the purpose of capturing nature's beauty. 

Whether you're new to landscape photography and you'd like to learn the basics or you're at an intermediate or advanced stage and you'd like to visit an iconic destination, we've got something for everyone. 

We have built as much as possible into the homepage, so you can simply scroll down to learn about who we are, the destinations on offer, the different experiences available and how to get in touch with us. 

If you're interested in a tour or workshop, click through to the product for every single drop of information. 

August 2019

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Hole in the Wall
June 2019

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Hougaard Malan

A name synonymous with landscape photography in SA, Hougaard has a portfolio that covers almost every corner of South Africa and Namibia with light and composition that is guaranteed to put you on a high of wanderlust. 

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SA's Young Guns

South Africa has spawned a vast number of extremely talented landscape photographers over the past few years. We have picked the cream of the crop with the right skills set to make excellent photographic guides and teachers. 

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Our Sister Company - South Africa's go-to dealer of premium tripods, backpacks and filter systems - everything a landscape photographer needs. 

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Workshops vs. Photo Tours


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Workshops vs. Photo Tours

Local Photo Tours

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coming soon | exciting new local destinations
coming soon | exciting new local destinations

Tailor Made Solutions for Photographic Clubs

Capitalise on economy of scale by requesting one of our tours or workshops for your club. You can choose the dates, destinations, group size and we can even come to you.

The larger the group, the lower the price. Use the contact page to get in touch. 

The Big
Bucket List

namibia, patagonia, iceland and more - coming soon

The Big
Bucket List

Namibia, patagonia, iceland - coming soon

The Big
Bucket List

Namibia, Patagonia, iceland - coming soon